A. Lindoo Building Maintenance

We can supply your paper products and other janitorial supplies if you are one of our current customers. Any Tax and shipping costs is included in the item price. Prices subject to change.

Customer Supplies

(96 rolls per case) medium grade. Full size rolls, not “cheater” size that fall out of some dispensers.

Price: $85.00

Toilet Paper

One Case=16 packs of 250 / 4000 total towels

Price: $45.00

Multi-fold Hand Towels

Paper towel rolls for kitchen type dispensers. One case.

Price: $35.00

Kitchen Roll Towels

Case of 10 packs, 250 each pack. Wall Dispensers available for $15.00 installed

Price: $45.00

Toilet Seat Covers

Heavy Duty, 40 x 48 inches, high density bags. 250 per box

Price: $55.00

Large Trash Bags

Soft Soap hand lotion. Safe for all dispensers. One Gallon. Note: do not use antimicrobial soap in most modern dispensers.

Price: $17.00

Liquid Hand Soap

Disposable floor pad protects floor from stains and deodorizes, 6 per case

Wall mounted automatic dispensing with night time shut off. Free installation. Refill cartridge  $5 each

Urinal Floor Pad

Restroom Deodorizer

Price: $60.00

Price: $30.00

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