A. Lindoo Building Maintenance

What makes us Different

Fifty Nine Years in Businessold jeep

Many janitorial services don't make it five years let along 59! You won't find another janitorial service in the Aurora area with as many years of experience as A. Lindoo Building Maintenance.

Computerized Employee Trackingman

Our employees are required to call in from the job site to document their arrival and departure times. Using Caller ID, our computer will confirm their location. This computer system will total up their cleaning hours for payroll purposes. They will be paid based on their hours worked, so there is no incentive for employees to whip through, skip things and get out of there early.

Indoor Air Quality:


Our commercial vacuums are equipped with disposable Micro Filtration bags and secondary foam filters for better performance. These bags and filters can filter out 99% of dirt, dust mites, fungi, bacteria and pollen. Filtering efficiency is 10 times greater than conventional cloth bags and the Micro Filtration bags are replaced as needed giving you a completely new filtering material each time they are replaced.

They are also treated with a bactrastat to destroy germs and bacteria inside the filter bag.

Internet Web Site / E-Mail:

We have had a web site since 1998, although our web site will not be visited by millions of people (since we are only a local company) it is here, mainly for our customers convenience. If you need to contact us about something, call us, jump on our web site or E-Mail us a quick note. We are committed to customer satisfaction.

Emergency Phone Numbers:

Posted in our janitor closets is a list of phone numbers to call in an emergency. Any Employee or customer that runs into an emergency after hours or on the weekends will have some names and phone numbers to call for assistance.

Material Safety Data Sheets:

We post Material Safety Data Sheets in our janitor closets. (This is an O.S.H.A. rule) These are there for the employee or customer to look at if they need any information on the cleaning products we use.

Janitorial Log Books:

We use a communications log book, if requested, at our job sites to get feedback, comments, suggestions or to help us find any little problems that might be getting overlooked. Sometimes even the best employees miss that little piece of paper thatís been sitting behind the door. A quick note in the log book and these problems get taken care of.

Re cyclingrecycle

We recycle different types of trash at most of the job sites, as we collect trash during the job. In some cases, larger, two bag size trash cans are used . We can pickup regular trash in one bag and the recyclable paper in the other, all in one pass around the office, saving time and money in the process. We also recycle our own used plastic cleaning chemical bottles when they are empty. Our dust mops are not disposable, they are washed every month and used again.

Employee Work Bonuses:

Getting the work done is important to us and having the same person do it each night works the best. As a bonus to our employees, we pay them 50 cents per hour extra if they had perfect attendance during the month. This also ends up being a bonus to our customers, as the same person ends up cleaning the office and not different ones that might be more unfamiliar with it.

During the winter months when snow storms might cause some employees to take a night off or during the summer months when there are more chances of vacations going on, we run another bonus. For a 3 month period of perfect attendance, we draw two names out of the perfect attendance list and give each of those employees $100.

This helps us to keep the same employee in place cleaning the same familiar office. Once someone gets familiar with the office they clean, less is likely to be missed.

To contact us:
Phone: (630) 906-1778

Cell phone: (630) 327-8854
E-mail us at:rod@alindoo.com
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