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Worn areas under office chairs:

Do you have tile floors that get a dirty worn look under the chair where it rolls around ? Chances are your chair has hard plastic wheels! The wheels are fine for carpet or ceramic floors but the hard plastic is not a good choice for hard vinyl tile floors. Hard casters rolling on hard floors will wear the wax right off the floor and don't  bother thinking you can lay down more coats of wax to fix your problem, it wont work. You need to replace your chair casters with a soft rubber or urethane casters. It will also be less noisy when you roll around.


Lunchroom chairs with no casters can do the same, scratching floors as they get pulled around. What kind of bottom do they have? A chrome metal pipe or a hard plastic tab? Again, you need something soft here. They make special chair bottoms for these too. Sometimes “carpet tabs” that you stick on will work and there are some companies now making soft plastic tabs for many style chairs. Try them they work.  Look for them at  www.schoolfix.com

Text Box: Vacuums:
Lots of styles to choose from, go for a commercial quality vacuum. House hold vacuums won’t hold up well when your employees start slamming them around. Vacuums with a beater brush do better than a standard backpack suction vacuum. Detachable on-board tools for getting in the corners is extremely helpful, don't bother with the ones that make you take off  the head of the vacuum and replace it to use the suction hose. We have used Panasonic Commercial vacuums for over 30 years now and have found them to be the best for our needs.
Text Box: Bathroom Dispensers:
Soap dispensers should be bulk fill! Forget the soap you buy in little boxes , bottles or bags. That stuff can cost $75 a case and you end up with 1 gallon or so of soap.  You can buy a gallon of soap for $17, that’s $60 a gallon cheaper than cartridge soap! If you are replacing dispensers, you might want to look at foaming soap as it saves on costs too.

Toilet paper & Towel Dispensers, make sure you have double toilet paper dispensers or if you use the large rolls, get the dispenser that has a spot for the roll that is 2/3rds used. You don't want to put in a new roll and throw away a third of your paper that’s still left on the used roll. You should have a spot for a partially used roll and a spot for a full roll.

If your  TP dispensers get busted up a lot from vandals. Use Bobrick stainless steel double roll dispensers, they are virtually indestructible. Or www.roycerolls.net , also very heavy duty.
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Tile floors looking like this need new soft rubber casters installed on the chairs.

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