Stoking the newly built Anagama kiln at Waubonsee Community College

Artist Statement† -† Rod Lindoo

During the mid to late seventies, I was introduced to ceramics in Junior High & High School. My senior year of high school I had completed all my necessary classes and elected to take only Ceramics and Automotive shop classes, my two favorites. Many days went by where I stayed after class, tested glazes and made pots.


After high school I went on to work in my dadís janitorial business and just didnít have the time for ceramics anymore.†† Twenty Five years went by, got married , had two kids, bought the business from dad but something was missing. I signed up for another ceramics class at the local community college (Waubonsee) and fell in love with creating pots again.† It was fun to get back into it and do something I had a passion for in the past.


My approach to making pottery is to take a functional form and add further expression through surface textures, lines and glaze. I like to add textural details to my work using objects like a sea urchin, tree bark or old wood. Another theme from my past includes using parts from old cars as objects attached to my work.


My goal is to make satisfying everyday functional objects to use around the home. Functional handmade pottery that gets used daily, from your morning cup of coffee to your evening dinner.† Pottery to set on the table, wash in the dishwasher, stack in the cupboards and brought out the next day to use again.

You can find me here some Sundays in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105

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