Car Art Pottery

One of my other hobbies is restoring old cars, check out my car restoration website at  I especially like micro cars (sold all my BMW Isetta’s but still have the Goggomobil’s).  I still have my Jaguar E-type I bought back in 1979 and I hope to get my 1966 Amphicar swimming in the Michigan lakes near me this year.

I have used objects from these cars to add a special “Car Art” expression to mugs, plates, teapots, coffee pots and covered jars. A gas cap might become the lid to a teapot or a door handle will be attached to the side of a mug.

On my Car Art Isetta Mug you will find a chrome handle from the front door or interior grab handle. The front door emblem on the side and some have the oil filler cap built into the rear side.

My Car Art Jaguar mug uses the word “Jaguar” from the cam cover and interior grab handle and some other little items on different mugs.


BMW 600Jaguar MugJaguar TeapotIsetta MugIsetta MugAmphicar MugGoggomobil MugGoggomobil TS300 Cabrio (Factory Original)

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