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My Journey Workshop

One of the best things to do as an artist is see what others are doing, how they do it and apply some of that learned information to your style.. I have been to visiting artist workshops at my local community college in Sugar Grove, Illinois , Lake Tahoe Nevada, Kalamazoo, Albion, Detroit and Grand Rapids, Michigan but the best one I have participated in was in Sandwich, Illinois with Steven Hill. It was a year long, hands on learning experience that I really enjoyed. It was nice to sit down every month with someone who has been creating pottery for almost 40 years and give me an idea of what I'm doing wrong or right and point me in the right direction. It wasn’t a workshop where you watched somebody else, it was one where you went in your own direction and found yourself along the way. I spent the year working on something I always wanted to do since high school, dinnerware.  I also shifted from cone 10 glazes to cone 6 and even added crystalline glazes at the end.

Yellow SaltBailys Oil SpotStrontium Crystal MagicPersimmon 2

A Dinnerware plate on display.

Here I am standing next to some of my dinnerware.

A small covered jar with turquoise and a crystalline glaze at the top. Purchased by Steven Hill.

A cup & saucer with floating Blue glaze sprayed and then a crystalline glaze around the rim that runs down the side.

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